Q. What is this poll?

A. This is an opinion-based poll.

Q. How is this poll working?

A. The user is given with two options: YES or NO. Either you choose YES or NO and you cannot vote more than one time.

Q. Do you alter/change the data provided in the poll?

A. No, we do not alter/change any data.

Q. What do you do with this poll or result of the poll?

A. We do nothing with the result or the poll itself.

Q. Is the result used anywhere?

A. No, the result is not used anywhere.

Q. Does this poll harm or benefit any individual or any group of people?

A. No, it does not harm or benefit any individual or any group of people as the result does not affect any decision.

Q. What is the significance of the result of the poll?

A. It is just for rough estimate and no judgement should be passed using this result.

Q. How much is the accuracy of this rough estimate?

A. It could be anything, it could also be 0% and hence it is not appropriate to use this result in any argument or any statement.

Q. Does this poll affect anything on the government level?

A. No, this poll does not affect anything at all.

Q. Is it mandatory to vote?

A. No, it is not mandatory to vote.

Q. If I do vote, will it make any change in the government’s decision?

A. No, it will not affect the government’s decision in any way.

Q. Is this poll run by government or is it linked to government in any way?

A. No, this poll is not run by government and it is not linked to the government in any way.

Q. Is indianpoll.in using fake data?

A. No, all votes are genuine and no data is faked by us.