Should we boycott chinese products?

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YES - Self reliance is always good for any nation, especially in case of india we should boycott enemy nation like china

YES - Boycott

YES - Made in India and no China

YES - Need more from me india..

YES - Boycott Chinese things

YES - I love my lndia

YES - At any cost for ever .

YES - Jai Shri ram

YES - आत्म निर्भर भारत के लिए चीन के सामान का बहिष्कार आवश्यक है।

YES - China create a good product

YES - China is a dangerous country it has to boycott and banned alla items or products in India

NO - Instead we should make make BETTER QUALITY/ HIGH QUALITY products at a LOWER PRICE in India and that will automatically end buying Chinese goods without any political negativity.

YES - Jaihind

YES - No pubg

YES - China is very selfish

YES - Yes we should boycott Chinese products

YES - Yes boycott the Chinese products

YES - Let us discard all Chinese products till communism is completely wiped out and rescue the Chineses people from diabolic communist,'a tyranny.

NO - if we will boycott Chinese products then which product we will use like phones India dont have good phones like vivo oppo etc.

YES - Because th

YES - For India Sovernity

NO - But Indian government provide better products then China...

YES - Because we are in......

YES - Make in India why and what not on India

YES - Ban all china apps and even mobiles also

YES - China dogla hai

NO - Thangapandi Teacher colony 2st stareet vilagudi madurai 18

YES - Chines brand mat le

YES - This is for India

YES - ಭಾರತೀಯತೆ ಬೇಕು

YES - Chaina ko vapis karo chains me

YES - We have to become self reliant. This will develop self confidence.

YES - चाइनीज मटेरियल इस just चाइनीज नो कॉन्फिडेंस neither gods nor person

YES - Yes

YES - Boycott China

YES - We muzt boycutt China .His finance should be down.

YES - Yes we should boycott chinese products as this will also help our economy to be increased and will decrease china's econoic encome a lot. It will help to increase the value of Indian currency tooo. This will also motivate the Indian people to start new buisnesses in India.

YES - Self sufficiency

YES - This action is required in view of what theybhavevdone

YES - Be self reliant and stop helping the enemy.

NO - No

YES - क्योंकि चाइना हमसे कमर्शियल संबंध बनाए रखना चाहता है और हमारे द्वारा उनकी इकोनामी मजबूत रख के गद्दारी करके इंडिया पर युद्ध का वार करेगा

YES - Quality is below par

YES - Even intially costly app. Money will remain in our country and giving suggestions we can make it world class

NO - No nrc amd no caa no apr

NO - Eangal Nadu eangal urimai

YES - Good

YES - Mera bharat mhan

YES - Promote made in india

YES - जिस देश की नीति नियत में खोट हो उससे क्या ब्यवसायिक और क्या व्योहारिक सम्बंध रखना “सठ सन विनय कुटिल सन प्रीति ,सहज क्रिपण सन सुंदर नीति “



YES - They are occupied our land , we must react.

YES - Let’s buy only indian products

YES - At any cost or wish we all shou"d bycot.

YES - We must boycott China products since they're evil minded.

YES - China is trying to grab our land.

YES - We need to hit as hard as we can

YES - Yes

YES - Boycott Chinese product

YES - Chemise product India me band kro

YES - Mera BHARAT Kahan

YES - To improve Indian economy

YES - They are depleting and expoiting world economy. They come from devil's workshop

YES - It is bad

YES - China is a permanent cheater. India had more potential and more hard working persons. We can do far better than China. But, some of our govt. Policies restricts us to do good.

YES - Yes

NO - No we should not buy China products

YES - Pappu bhakta jone

YES - Jai hind

YES - As they are are not reciprocating our friendly gesture

NO - One can’t boycott immediately. Slowly find other countries or produce in India

YES - यह देश के लिए बहुत अच्छा है

YES - Made in India

YES - I wish use Indian made products only.

YES - "విదేశీ వస్తుబహిస్కరణ-స్వదేశీవస్తుస్వీకరణ"

YES - I am Indian I love my mother land so I boycott China products

YES - Bhagao Madarchodo Ko

YES - Satisfied with Made in India

YES - Don't like Chinese product

YES - Any cosy

YES - Yes

NO - No

YES - We must be self reliant

YES - Support CAA NRC

NO - save Indus save lives and stay home

YES - We should use make in India

YES - Why Govt is allowing china products. Atleast public should stop buying china products.

YES - #IBoycottChinesProduct

YES - Gajabmaansbakga Jajamhaoanhwhwnw Qjqjkquqgkagwy amagja Ahamsuwjlwbwiqjwhj

NO - Till we won't produce our own products till then we can't banned any of the products

YES - Why shouldn’t we take care of own COUNTRY WITH PRIDE.

YES - We all support caa

YES - But Unless same services are offered by the any of the tech companies in India with same cost effective.

YES - भारत भरा पड़ा है चाइनीज समानों से और कर्ज भी लिया हुआ है , ऐसे में हम अभी फिलहाल वहिष्कार नही कर सकते , नुकसान भारत का ही होगा । अभी समझौता ही एक रास्ता है जब तक हमारा भारत पूरी तरह आत्मनिर्भर न बन जाता

YES - Let us be self dependent and proud of our country.

YES - Develop in-house facilities to train the young men & women to manufacture the. Products

NO - I love india

YES - It supports Indian made products.

YES - The 12 percent people who are in with China pls go to china