Should we boycott chinese products?

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YES - CAA is not for me, but the Indic people oppressed in neighbouring izlamic countries!

YES - For strengthening our ideology, economy, unity and selfdepandnes.

NO - Chinese are the only people with whom we feel culturally and religiousely connected they being Buddhist in the world hostile and planning to destroy us politically culturally and religiously. Our tussel with tem is like two brothers Dispute.Let sensibility prevail.Good luck.

YES - Boycott the Dragon! They should learn a lesson from this!!

YES - Because it was very harmful for our security services

YES - To fight with china on economic front

YES - Super

YES - Make in bhaart

YES - Chinese are just like," मुंह में राम बगल मे छूरी"

YES - By doing this we would not only bring China to its knees, which is very important, but also become self-reliant.

YES - We should boycott Chinese goods etc. even if, China deescalate, because the latter can not be trusted. Deceit is in his DNA. Besides, we should be Atamnirbhar.

YES - i boycot chinese products. because they are not human ilsvemptisonnent des musulmans il n y a pas de democratie. c un regime dr fitature.tant que ns acheterons avec la chine lfrance leurope deviendront pauvre.puisqe bcp de chaumage.pourquoi ne profiison pas chez nous meme si c plus cher au moin les gens dr chez nous auront un travail.

YES - देश का नुकसान

NO - It is foolish and will do harm to our true development. Say no to racism. Developing friendly with the great neighbor is the only right smart path for us.

YES - Chinese are cheaters;

YES - Nrc CAa Lagu hona chahie

YES - Try to use our Indian products

NO - Good Good Good morning morning Sir LUBB Make y

YES - We buy Chinese products then china will use that money against India

YES - We can produce our own goods

NO - Most of the goods on the market are made in China

YES - To learn a lesson to China we should boycott all China products and China websites and anything related to China... Jai Hind!

YES - 420china

YES - Always

NO - No if the product were sill by national level

YES - It's not reliable n trustworthy, making misuses of our data AGAISY OUR NATION.

YES - The customer is god as well as Gandhi Ji sad.

YES - Why one should help to our enemy who speak one thing and act quite reverse.

YES - आत्मनिर्भर बनुन देशांची प्रगती बरोबर आपलीही प्रगती होईल. ????????

YES - China is a very treacherous nation.Can never trust. Must choke his business opportunities in every way. If the " Push comes to a showe, Indian Armed Forces will take care. EVERY PATRIOTIC INDIAN TO BOYCOTT ALL CHINESE PRODUCTS & SERVICES TO CAUSE MAX HURT TO CHINA. CHINA DUMPS 75 BILLION DOLLARS GOODS IN INDIA, OUR EXPORTS ARE ONLY 13 BILLIONS DOLLARS WORTH TO CHINA.

YES - We need to produce quality product to compete in the world market.

YES - चीन द्वारा हमारी मात्र भूमी का 60 वर्ग किलो मीटर का ऐरिया हथया लिया गया है और हमारे 20 सैनिक भाईयों की हत्या की है। अतः हमे लाखों लोगों की मृत्यु के दोषी से सारे सबंध विछेद कर लेने चाहिये।

YES - In fact most of the goods sold by China in India are also available in the Indian market just because of higher price people end up buying the Chinese products. The moment we start feeling that we are giving it to our country, this problem would be solved.

YES - Bahut jaruri hi ki chaine se Abhi dur ho Jai nahi to hamari desi product ek din apane AAP band ho jainge

YES - We should boycott Chinese product.Also we should make those items in quality, cheap and with prompt delivery. We should also ease the system and give all support to those who want to start business. No unwanted permit problems.

YES - Phase out if owned old items. Do not go for fresh buy or avoid till possible.

YES - Chaines personel are very crusial, they left their original food veg and adopt nonveg .

YES - Yaqinan

NO - China is honest.he Indian government and the media are lying.They vilify China.

YES - We should not use China products. Use Swadeshi products.

NO - nahi

YES - Yes

YES - Bilkul sahi

YES - लेकिन सोच समझ कर। सिर्फ ऐसे उत्पादों का, जिसका निर्माण भारत में नही हो सकता है।

YES - Yes

NO - The phone that I’m using has Chinese products . Where will you start ?

YES - Using Indian products is good for us and for the nation .so that maximum we should boycott the international products.

YES - जो हमारे देश के साथ नहीं वह किसी के साथ नहीं और जो हमारे देश का विरोध करेगा हम उसका बाय काट करेंगे

YES - But ,It's not easy as here, in India people only see their personal benefit .

YES - Reject

YES - That's product I'mneverinmy lifeto uses

NO - Trade is not a war....

YES - Banning chinese product is must

YES - Fraud country

YES - Chinese products are poor quality and part of the profits are used to control other countries.

YES - Bicot china product

YES - Jay hind

YES - Complete boycott is not feasible. But should be implemented as much as we can

NO - public is mad. We must always think +ve & must not divide. Maintain peace for sake of 2mrw. Remember humanity is avoid boycott. Speak to Chinese meeting for unity. Remember shri/mr .vallabhai patel statue is made with help of Chinese - A symbol of unity for India. Don't go for majority go for correct.

YES - China Is Cheat

YES - We have to be self made for this our governmet shold support in all directions and step forwards & sectors.

YES - Yes we have already boycotted it after listening the than defence minister George Fernandez n we should stand like a rock with our Army n with the govt

YES - We need our kraftmanship. Why we should chinies

YES - The Snakes eating community can bite anytime anywhere. They r more poisonous than snakes and lizards

YES - They produced virus . Now they want to rule the world which will never happen, as their produce use n throw products same way they will be thrown. JAI HIND.

YES - Sure

YES - Indian

YES - Yes we should boycott Chinese product.

YES - To have self reliance India we should use Indian products as far as possible and should boycott Chinese products forever.

YES - Our plitcians are not liable

YES - We are more depended on China why don't we create our products.

YES - Yes

YES - China is a treacherous country and uses our money against us.

YES - Yas

YES - China is our first has badly harm our country.

YES - Quality not very well

NO - Because we don't have alternate

YES - They killed our soldier so we should boycott Chinese goods !

YES - We are already bycotted

YES - हां हमें चीन में बने समान का बहिष्कार करना चाहिए मैं तो चीन के समान को उपयोग नहीं करता।

YES - We all indian boycott every chaina products all industry boycott chaina spare parts.

YES - Ban Chinese goods and every thing of chine.

YES - यह हमारी अर्थ व्यवस्था बिघाड रहा है.

YES - Unless we will not boycott the Chinese product and bring their economy down ...they will consider us weak and attack ...this is the best way to win the battle

YES - चाइना के उत्पादों को टक्कर दे, ऐसे हमें उत्पाद निर्माण करना चाहिए ।

YES - I love my India

YES - Swadeshi

YES - 100 percentage boycott

YES - Stupid virus

YES - Ha hum sbhi Indian ko chaina ke saman ka bahishkar krna chaiye

YES - Boycott chini products

YES - We have to be boycott Chinese products bcoz China give Corona virus to the world stage and China also not having good behaviour with India and China always supporting Pakistan which grows up terrorism in the world. And we always paid for this as our soldiers life.

YES - I boycott Chinese products

YES - Yes

YES - उनके जो भी उत्पाद है उसको बहिष्कार करना है

YES - Obviously we should . Our soldiers are dying and their family's sacrifices calls for this step asap.

YES - boycot chin product

NO - China is bad

YES - Baycott china.

YES - Enmity and business can not go together they are not trustworthy