Should we boycott chinese products?

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YES - चाइनीज मटेरियल इस just चाइनीज नो कॉन्फिडेंस neither gods nor person

YES - Yes

YES - Boycott China

YES - We muzt boycutt China .His finance should be down.

YES - Yes we should boycott chinese products as this will also help our economy to be increased and will decrease china's econoic encome a lot. It will help to increase the value of Indian currency tooo. This will also motivate the Indian people to start new buisnesses in India.

YES - Self sufficiency

YES - This action is required in view of what theybhavevdone

YES - Be self reliant and stop helping the enemy.

NO - No

YES - क्योंकि चाइना हमसे कमर्शियल संबंध बनाए रखना चाहता है और हमारे द्वारा उनकी इकोनामी मजबूत रख के गद्दारी करके इंडिया पर युद्ध का वार करेगा

YES - Quality is below par

YES - Even intially costly app. Money will remain in our country and giving suggestions we can make it world class

NO - No nrc amd no caa no apr

NO - Eangal Nadu eangal urimai

YES - Good

YES - Mera bharat mhan

YES - Promote made in india

YES - जिस देश की नीति नियत में खोट हो उससे क्या ब्यवसायिक और क्या व्योहारिक सम्बंध रखना “सठ सन विनय कुटिल सन प्रीति ,सहज क्रिपण सन सुंदर नीति “



YES - They are occupied our land , we must react.

YES - Let’s buy only indian products

YES - At any cost or wish we all shou"d bycot.

YES - We must boycott China products since they're evil minded.

YES - China is trying to grab our land.

YES - We need to hit as hard as we can

YES - Yes

YES - Boycott Chinese product

YES - Chemise product India me band kro

YES - Mera BHARAT Kahan

YES - To improve Indian economy

YES - They are depleting and expoiting world economy. They come from devil's workshop

YES - It is bad

YES - China is a permanent cheater. India had more potential and more hard working persons. We can do far better than China. But, some of our govt. Policies restricts us to do good.

YES - Yes

NO - No we should not buy China products

YES - Pappu bhakta jone

YES - Jai hind

YES - As they are are not reciprocating our friendly gesture

NO - One can’t boycott immediately. Slowly find other countries or produce in India

YES - यह देश के लिए बहुत अच्छा है

YES - Made in India

YES - I wish use Indian made products only.

YES - "విదేశీ వస్తుబహిస్కరణ-స్వదేశీవస్తుస్వీకరణ"

YES - I am Indian I love my mother land so I boycott China products

YES - Bhagao Madarchodo Ko

YES - Satisfied with Made in India

YES - Don't like Chinese product

YES - Any cosy

YES - Yes

NO - No

YES - We must be self reliant

YES - Support CAA NRC

NO - save Indus save lives and stay home

YES - We should use make in India

YES - Why Govt is allowing china products. Atleast public should stop buying china products.

YES - #IBoycottChinesProduct

YES - Gajabmaansbakga Jajamhaoanhwhwnw Qjqjkquqgkagwy amagja Ahamsuwjlwbwiqjwhj

NO - Till we won't produce our own products till then we can't banned any of the products

YES - Why shouldn’t we take care of own COUNTRY WITH PRIDE.

YES - We all support caa

YES - But Unless same services are offered by the any of the tech companies in India with same cost effective.

YES - भारत भरा पड़ा है चाइनीज समानों से और कर्ज भी लिया हुआ है , ऐसे में हम अभी फिलहाल वहिष्कार नही कर सकते , नुकसान भारत का ही होगा । अभी समझौता ही एक रास्ता है जब तक हमारा भारत पूरी तरह आत्मनिर्भर न बन जाता

YES - Let us be self dependent and proud of our country.

YES - Develop in-house facilities to train the young men & women to manufacture the. Products

NO - I love india

YES - It supports Indian made products.

YES - The 12 percent people who are in with China pls go to china

YES - This will weaken his economy.

NO - No

YES - Be Indian, buy Indian ,to make a strong India for generations to come.????????????????

YES - I love my india

YES - Not believe

NO - Unless and until we provide the electronic items such as mobile phones, chargers, batteries, headphones etc at a price peoptionate to what Chinese are providing.

YES - Ok

YES - Please boycott the Chinese products

YES - It’s time and great opportunity to grow individually

NO - We are co related in need of Chinese product.

YES - Only made in indoa

YES - Samarthan hi

NO - Hii

YES - I hate Chinese products because this country is terrors

YES - We should totally boycott Chinese Products. Only then more domestic manufacturers will thrive. Also China will get a finance drawback as they are mostly depended on Indian consumers in the world market.

YES - Ya we should boycott chinese products but the govt. Should also consider about all the indian retailers presently who are having the leftover stock of Chinese products as they may face a huge loss . JAI HIND !

YES - CAA is not for me, but the Indic people oppressed in neighbouring izlamic countries!

YES - For strengthening our ideology, economy, unity and selfdepandnes.

NO - Chinese are the only people with whom we feel culturally and religiousely connected they being Buddhist in the world hostile and planning to destroy us politically culturally and religiously. Our tussel with tem is like two brothers Dispute.Let sensibility prevail.Good luck.

YES - Boycott the Dragon! They should learn a lesson from this!!

YES - Because it was very harmful for our security services

YES - To fight with china on economic front

YES - Super

YES - Make in bhaart

YES - Chinese are just like," मुंह में राम बगल मे छूरी"

YES - By doing this we would not only bring China to its knees, which is very important, but also become self-reliant.

YES - We should boycott Chinese goods etc. even if, China deescalate, because the latter can not be trusted. Deceit is in his DNA. Besides, we should be Atamnirbhar.

YES - i boycot chinese products. because they are not human ilsvemptisonnent des musulmans il n y a pas de democratie. c un regime dr fitature.tant que ns acheterons avec la chine lfrance leurope deviendront pauvre.puisqe bcp de chaumage.pourquoi ne profiison pas chez nous meme si c plus cher au moin les gens dr chez nous auront un travail.

YES - देश का नुकसान

NO - It is foolish and will do harm to our true development. Say no to racism. Developing friendly with the great neighbor is the only right smart path for us.

YES - Chinese are cheaters;

YES - Nrc CAa Lagu hona chahie