How did our government perform against Coronavirus crisis?

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Bad :-( - They are not doing good and safe work. Everywhere is corruption going on... Now I hate my government work...

Good :-) - डॉ कपिल खा के लिए तो सभी ने आवाज उठाई लेकिन संजीव भट्ट जी के लिए कोई आवाज नहीं उठा रहा है क्यों सेर करो ????

Bad :-( - No

Good :-) - Perfarmence is very good starting all lock down give verygood result but our people will not give good support tabligees are very good example

Bad :-( - Central govt bad performance

Good :-) - Bjp government Is doing it's work properly , just othe4 parties should not interfere between the war of corona and we humans

Good :-) - Hi

Bad :-( - Very bad

Good :-) - Government is very well perform about corona virus against, and social distance mask rouls and regulations very well.

Good :-) - OK

Good :-) - I support caa nrc

Bad :-( - Bad only bad

Good :-) - In this pandemic they are doing there level best

Bad :-( - Worst perform

Good :-) - सावधान हो गई अन्य देशों से पहले।

Good :-) - I like

Good :-) - Govt. Has taken all possible steps against corona, but we have to do our responsibility.

Good :-) - Good work

Bad :-( - Cause school was reopen

Good :-) - मेरे विचार से टेस्ट पर पार्दर्सीता की बहुत कमी है और रिपोर्ट सही गलत समज मै नई आती।

Bad :-( - govt should bring strict law against private sector for shutdown their company or employee cut off.

Good :-) - Minimum deaths possible

Good :-) - Good

Good :-) - Better to

Bad :-( - Na

Bad :-( - Because now government tell from 21sptember school will be re open ????????

Bad :-( - No Proper Planning for the Covid 19 Situations

Good :-) - Modi is great

Bad :-( - Government didn't help any citizens of India who was suffering for food clothes n shelter or patients just they begged donations from celebrities n hide everything.. useless government fit of nothing

Good :-) - Our government handled covid 19 very nicely

Bad :-( - Shoddy

Bad :-( - G

Good :-) - Govt. provide maximum facilities for all. the patient's of coronavirus

Good :-) - NRC CAA saport

Bad :-( - Very bad

Bad :-( - Very poor performance

Bad :-( - No proper testing government should come in every gally and mohalla for covid 19 test.

Good :-) - Love this government too

Bad :-( - Government has been using Covid 19 to hide their financial crisis. Government doesn’t have any idea about controls on Covid 19

Bad :-( - Government should be more strict

Good :-) - Peoples response is is very poor to the govt .politics played a nig role in pulling down govts effort

Bad :-( - Wrong dicition

Bad :-( - Govt

Good :-) - Good work by government

Bad :-( - It's awful moments for us so this leader are totally depressed to himanbeing

Good :-) - Bss vaccine ka intjaaar????

Bad :-( - ..

Bad :-( - Approx Sid to failior this goverment.

Good :-) - Yes

Bad :-( - Total mischievous acts.

Bad :-( - bad bad

Good :-) - Ok

Good :-) - Central govt doing excellent job in all over country not only giving to medical fecilities butalso gives motivations and financial push up the poor people which they were need this type of help from public foram

Good :-) - Ha bahut achha hai parform hai

Good :-) - YES............

Bad :-( - Narendra Modi is worst ever PM

Good :-) - Yes

Good :-) - Very nicely handling the situation ☺️????

Good :-) - Yes

Good :-) - Very beneficial for social justice. It has no objection. Every thing is clear and well spoken.

Good :-) - Fantastic execution to control the corona epidemic

Bad :-( - Preventive measures were not taken by governments properly

Good :-) - Contribute free treatment in all states

Good :-) - Good

Good :-) - Government is taking every action which is require to stop pendamic

Good :-) - Central government correct steps

Bad :-( - दो आदेशों के बीच सामंजस्य नहीं हैं और सरकार से आमजन मानस तक आते आते लाभ गायब हो जाता हैं

Bad :-( - No safety for covid paitens

Bad :-( - All fuck

Good :-) - Yes

Good :-) - Md mostafa

Good :-) - India is doing very good with covid19

Good :-) - Good

Good :-) - Good

Good :-) - Govt. Is fighting covid very carefully and cautiously

Good :-) - We should take care. Keep social distancing and break the chain.

Bad :-( - Bad

Good :-) - Modi ji did his best

Good :-) - The crisis has been handled very well, though it still exist. We need to keep our guard up till all are fully cured and virus is thrown back to fm where it started

Good :-) - good

Bad :-( - Did not build up medical capabilities during lockdown. Or spread enough awareness among the masses. Absolutely insensitive to the plight of the poor until the opposition raised the alarm

Good :-) - Well done

Bad :-( - Very very bad with careless attitude and focussing in unwanted issues.

Good :-) - Planned first to complete lockdown to minimise spreading of covid 19 and also used lockdown time for creating infrastructure. Then relaxing the lockdown in phased manner and increasing the testing facilities. And we are in better situation than many countries including top rated countries in medical facilities like ussa, Italy, uk etc

Bad :-( - Good government

Good :-) - Now actual need of lock down

Good :-) - Central Government trying it's best

Good :-) - Yes

Good :-) - Nice work

Good :-) - good

Good :-) - The government is performing very welll in all the department but few people were disatisfied about that but few of the people are so sad because of there starvation because in Tamil Nadu out of100percentage 40percentagepeople are middle class people they are depend upon there daily salary

Bad :-( - The worst government in the world is ruling in india

Good :-) - Need better planning..Thanks to front force...

Good :-) - Super

Good :-) - Good

Bad :-( - People are starving for single time food,but rulers busy in enjoying with building new parliament and temple plan ...failed to plan in early stages....

Bad :-( - 0 performance compared to other countries only doing ????vote Banking performance

Bad :-( - Wrost government

Good :-) - Central govt did a good job, but not at all satisfied with maharashtra vikas aghadi, they botched up

Good :-) - Government is doing very good in all departments, only privatisation should not be initiated for earning department