Do you support NRC & CAA?

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YES - It is necessary for India and Indian subcontinent.

YES - We need to save our country from illegal immigrants or they will run everything and we will be overrun by them

NO - Never

YES - Ok

YES - Kai Sri ram

NO - Never

NO - No:- bus dhyaan bhatkane ka tarika hai berozgaari or economy se. Hindu muslim karna jante hai buss.

YES - Even though it is too late it is much needed

YES - NRC and CAA is on urgent base

NO - Should be removed both CAA and NRC + npr

NO - Q k yeh sirf be matlab ke faisle or government ko yeh sab se zyada desh ki unity jodne pe dhyaan Dena chaiye naaki todne pr. Kuch Achche faisle kre tab sarkar ke support Mai log bhi rahege. Jaise ke economy ke baare Mai socho

NO - No

NO - This is misuse constitution


NO - It is against the preamble of the constitution of India.

YES - Best thing ever done by PM

YES - Agar CAA or NRC nahi aaya to Bharat desh Islamic Country ban jayega. Muslimo k pass 57 muslim Countries Already h OR Hindu rashtra koi nahi h...or isliye ye rakshas mulle Bharat desh par bhi kabja zamana chahta h... So we all Hindu's fully support CAA and NRC......


YES - Modi ji ka faishla theek h

NO - Never

NO - It is a step in an attempt to make India a theocratic nation.

YES - To remove illegal Bangladeshi and Pakistani is must......

YES - This is a good law for ????????????India's

YES - It is needed

NO - No

YES - Yes Sure

YES - Excellent step done

YES - Yes ofcource it will lead to enlarge Employment facilities and lower the unemployment

NO - ...i hate indian pm & rss bjp... they're harmful to indians... God save him all indian human ???

YES - Strongly Support

NO - Never

YES - I fully support NRC &CAA because every nation is of dutybound to cherish it's citizens & not the foreigners. The Hindus are very much oppressed in some neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh & Afghanistan . It is a fact that the oppressed Hindus of those countries have no place to live in. In CAA the livelyhood with due honour of the Hindus left from those countries guarantees. As such I support NRC &CAA.

YES - Yes it should have been done immediatEly after 1971 war.. but any way it is positive step towards ensuring our nationality. We as nation heading to a brighter future.

YES - Identity of Modern & Trillion $ Economy INDIA. "JAI HIND - JAI JAWAN - MERA BHARATH MAHAN "

YES - It will protect our country and culture from so called masked secular extrimist n HumanRights lobby whose actions are never -ever matched their words (e;g kashmir, where were they when kashmir was burning...???and many more). If this act won't apply than in coming future may be after 50 years India will become Iran, kindly go through the history of Iran before 100 or 200 years back and what it is now and where are they zorastrians or Pharsis....its wake up Alarm for India ....Jai Hind, Jai Bharat????????????

NO - This is Anti Muslim and Anti constitutionl law

YES - CAA is allows all the people of India .but rohingyas and bangladeshi Muslims should not allow to live in India .as they are very harmful for Hindus

NO - Its against for Muslim

NO - Highly unconstitutional it is. Just to please its hardcore votebank, Narendra Modi, the pathetic person, has introduced CAA.

YES - जय श्री राम


NO - Bhedbhav same rules lagu ho sabke sath

YES - CAA is very positive long waited step. We should enact nrc too

YES - Every Indian Nationalist Should Support NRC & CAA

NO - Born Indian Brouģht up n die Indian refuse CAA n NRC

NO - It's communal and terrorist agenda of rss

YES - yes mana house ni pakkana valu aakraminchukunte manam urukom kada alage dongalu ga duri mana desamloki pravesinchina valanu tarimi kotali

YES - Exceptional step to kick out illegal immigrants

NO - They r dumb

NO - No

YES - Please bring Common civil law in our country also.

YES - It's will stop illegal immigrants and stops cross border terrorism..... It's not going harm any minorities

NO - NO - I'm not support NRC and CAB

YES - Every citizen is हिंदुस्थानी. No others.

YES - I support NRC,CAA.

YES - Yes....NRC should be come into force to control illegal migrants....And CAA is useful for the people who are suffering neibour muslim countries

NO - Fraud amitshah

NO - NRC na lage india me

NO - We are Indians and we didn't support NRC&caa because there won't to break the India by two countries

NO - CAA is fundamentally unconstitutional

YES - Absolutely Yes Strength to GOI ... .Regards Mukul Sahu Jain

YES - yes

YES - Yes, Satyamev Jayate

YES - Yesss strongly supporting NRC & CAA


YES - It must for our country safety

NO - It Will devide people from people ,

YES - Yes

NO - Because it's vote politics

NO - No way

YES - Yes

YES - It’s required for any progressive Nation


NO - This is BJP and RSS plan to divide Hindu and Muslims in india

NO - It is against the core of our constitution.

YES - Desh hit ke liye jaruri hai

YES - It is use ful to india

NO - It will divide Indian

NO - It is not good

YES - हर भारतीय का रिकॉर्ड होना जरूरी है ,में इसका समर्थन करता हु

NO - it is a bad law.

YES - Because or Muslim India suffering now

YES - As a Indian we all should accept NRC & CAA

YES - ये देश के भविष्य के हित मे है ।

NO - Very worst idea

NO - It is danger so please NO NRC NO CAA NO NPR only great india because all religious lives in india so they are freedom any man live in india.

YES - It's very good decision to control the outsiders entering illegally

YES - Thanks

YES - Excellent job

YES - This process would help in national security

YES - Right choice baby aahaaaa...

YES - I support always. Modiji taken a good decision. Please apply as soon as. Jaihind.

YES - India me aisa hona bahut jaruri hai

YES - Good decision from central Government.I fully support it.

NO - It will divide Indians.

YES - Sandeep.

YES - Yes . Excellent decision PM

NO - It will prove ineffective in driving out illegal immigrants and it will prove a very costly exercise to grant citizenship to a rather small number of identified Hindu migrants who have come from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

NO - हम ये नहीं होने देंगे

NO - I will support it because many Indian's will be in trouble due to insufficient documents already they had many problems in day to day life basic needs