Are you satisfied with the government's steps against coronavirus outbreak?

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YES - Good

NO - Low testing for high population

NO - Method is wrong

YES - Very good

NO - Worst

YES - Government actions are good

NO - Worst

NO - Only in cg we are satisfied.

NO - Lockdown was a failure

NO - No

NO - Lockdown should be imposed

NO - The police all over the country dealt with muslims with iron hand as noticed by Telangana high court. The court asked Hyderabad police why they had booked a disproportionate high no of muslims for violating lockdown rules. In addition the police has used excessive force on muslims, handled them with brutality.

NO - Now its right time to impose lockdown atleast for 21 fays very strictly

NO - badly

YES - Modi is Great stepson in first 2 and 3 lock down after 3 4 5 lock down controls ststa govt makes some own Dicission is is prob of some ststes

YES - Need more tight and stringent steps to control corona virus

YES - Role of wb govt is questionable.

YES - Yes

YES - Yes government is doing its best

YES - Modi is very talented and Brave PM .Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi..

YES - No

YES - I think goverment is doing good

NO - It’s ridiculous

NO - Should be more proactive and take the preventive measure in terms safety and medical facility

YES - I'm always satisfied by Government .

NO - Very lethargic efforts are being taken. This is because of Govt is watching interest of capitalists only.

YES - He (modi ji) only (no bady can in political) can do this tipe.

YES - People need to take more care

NO - No

YES - Great efforts

YES - AMITABHA Bhattacharya

NO - Before taking the step of lockdown...the gov. Must now what will be the situation before the plan

YES - Fully satisfied

NO - Why no spl effort in Moharastra, TN,Gujrat and Delhi.

NO - The only solution which I feel is Social Distance.

YES - Rupali

YES - I support Indian government

NO - Government is absolutely fail of covid 19

NO - Do Lockdown again

YES - Government is working hardly to prevent it but we are the citizens spread it in large

YES - Yogi Modi

NO - Less testing,less beds,less ventilator, humongous charges taken by hospital, pathetic condition of Quarantine camps.....

NO - Totally this is the failure of the present Government of India.

YES - Majduro ka khayal jada diya jay , aur garibi khanana ghartak pouchaya jay ye achchha rahega...

YES - Nrc sahi hai

YES - Should have more proactive.

NO - I don't see any improvement in the recovery of cases moreover the positive number is increasing day by day which is really not appreciable. I feel government should be more precautions. Frankly the stage of taking precautions is already over. Only thing the government can do is to take more measures to control the spread of virus. Telangana government is surely not showing any efforts to stop the spread of virus. I request PMO to monitor the situation and also please the help the people in need.


YES - It's a must

NO - Govt. has no intention to kill corona but sees people die in all ways.

YES - Modi is the best

NO - No CAA no NRC

YES - I am satisfied with government steps against corona virus outbreak , but school should not reopen till December 2020 And B.E.D. first year exam should be taken next year ( second year ) with second year exam

YES - Things would have been much better had there been no Kejriwal

YES - Government is doing the best

NO - There will be a lockdown for 1 month and no shops will open only diary and medical shops and essential shops should open

YES - CAA is good step of Govt . of India

NO - I think more testing should be made tk prevent the soread

YES - Totally satisfief and is one of the finest step taken towards our nation, so no need to worry this nation PM is Modiji. That is why world Presidents are appreciating Modiji. In such a big country what else he could do, and that is why for betterment of our nation, population bill, NRC, CAA is required

YES - Best possible efforts under the circumstancre by the Central Govt & the State Govts .

YES - Modi ji doing excellent

YES - 9891880691

YES - Right time decision for lockdown , However, Govt should have been more careful about migrant labourers. What decision has taken after 3rd LD that should have been taken during 1st LDn.

NO - Because less tests are going in the whole country as there are lot of patients than the tests going on


YES - Ours is a poor country . Timely efforts done by Central government has reduced the figure of patients . However more care is needed now in crucial phase. Impose less burden on middle class , workers and employees.

NO - Sab bhagwan ke bharose

NO - There was a chance to stop this virus on Airports only in Feb 20 which is a big failure of Government.

NO - Modi government doesn't know Governance

YES - Govt is taking corrective actions with involvement at state level which is very critical for making it to happen

NO - Why u allowing Maharashtra people in karnataka at very Large scale in this Corona virus Panedemic..Mahashtra is like Corona virus hub..distributing throughout india.We accept people at our Qurentine capacity.

YES - The best

YES - Not interested

YES - Thanks

NO - There was negligence towards migrant Labours

YES - So clinically started, carried on and still dealt with, hope also ends with minimal casualties but while passing through all this an new India will emerge, thanks to all my fellow citizens

NO - When the sick were less then it was so strict, and today when the sick are increasing, then everyone is roaming free.

NO - Government should not allow interstate transfer of labours and persons, they should evacuate dharavi or thickly populated area and make separate arrangements, Testing of corona should be double or triple, strictly policing not done, Essential things not available, so merchant took advantage,

NO - No

YES - Yes as they take steps initially andni am in up so up Govt play good role during this pandemic period

NO - Lockdown should have been earlier. Administrative officers at all levels should have worked out all details before lockdown. Our workers should have been looked after better....

NO - Bad governance

NO - Th government left millions on the streets to die just because they are not upper caste.

NO - No

NO - No to any divise acts

NO - No nrc no caa

YES - Now India is safe recovery rate is increasing and deaths rate is decreasing, that is good

NO - Too early return to school. Could have been made optional. Issues regarding PPE. Preventative measures could have been started early, once outbreak became a pandemic. Public education and better clarity on rules whether related to lockdown or easing lockdown, strict punishment for those not following the rules, because by being selfish putting the frontline workers at risk.

NO - At least government should put at least 3000/- per month in every one's account.

YES - नो use chinese product

YES - I m with Govt

YES - Harsh U.S. Happy

NO - No for State gov. Of Delhi

YES - mumbai needs more attention

YES - All steps taken by our government are Satisfactory

NO - Government decisions made without planning

YES - Lock down should have been continue d for another 2 more months

YES - It still needs to do more tests per day especially in Slum Area . Try to convince migrant Labourers not to leave Big Cities & Govt should setup relief camps in cities. Increase medical facilities like more beds & more Dr.s Should publicize recovery rate improvement & Positive publicity. So workers get more confidence.

YES - Central government us doing very good.

NO - Because government says only 21 days but it 90 days