Do you support Farm Bill for the farmers of India?

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YES - To make our poor farmers more self dependent . To increase the prices they procure for their products. To free our small farmers from the clutches of money lenders and big farmer domination.

NO - When the farmers are opposed then what is the use of such bills scrap the bills take farmers into confidence let us take our nation forward.

YES - Yes

YES - Because it give freedom to farmers

YES - They don't suggest to see a solution but totally against it as if they are from Kaanthaaram

YES - It is excellent for small farmers

YES - It is very fine for small farmers

NO - Bills are forced on public with out any discussion in the house. It s like a dictator's decision

YES - Hi

NO - Well, hell no.

YES - When majority of farmers have no problem, the government should never yield to pressure from a few people, most of whom are not even farmers.

NO - This bill is harmful for farmers

NO - Because this bill is very dangers.

YES - This bill is beneficial for farmers. This is propaganda by congress party

YES - Help the farmers

YES - It's beneficial for Farmer's. The can use an open market ang get better price.

YES - I like the law

YES - Farmers is backbone for every country. If we wont support them everyone have to struggle for food in future

NO - Boycott NRC & CAA

NO - Death Warrants of farmer's, so I can not support it at least

YES - Farmers should get liberty to sell anywhere to anyone like it has been given to industry and traders

YES - Bishwajit Barman

NO - Farmers no like we are so no like

NO - This bii will go to against farmata.

YES - समर्थन

YES - पिछले70वाला कानून ठीक होता तो, अमेरिका, कनाडा जैसे किसान होते.. और कोइ आत्महत्या नहीं करता।

NO - This is not for the farmers, this bill is for the business tycoons.

NO - Corporatisation cannot benefit Farmers it only sees its own benefit...

YES - These bill increase farmers income.

YES - Truely it's in farmer's favour

NO - Game of anti nationalist playing for congress who.has lost their image in countru

YES - यह बिल किसान के फायदे का है

YES - It is definitely for the benefit of farmers.

YES - I support farm Bill

YES - Efforts must be made to assure farmers about the benefits by citing some examples and scenarios.

YES - Pass

YES - It is all politics by apposition and vested interest. Government should be strict now.

YES - Have support for farmers but anti agent

YES - It is right Bill for farmers.

YES - We are for the farmers Bill. Not with farmers agitation

YES - Farmers children are not ready to do farming. By this bill contracter will advise and help farmers to get value added crop. No tension to sell the crop.

YES - Right thing after about 7 d decades of independece

NO - BJP Government sirf kisano ko lootne mei lagi hui hai jo kisan khet mei fasal taiyar karta hai uski kimat aane -paune Dam mei bikta hai, kisano ko to koi fayda nahi ho raha is bill se.

YES - All protestor dummy.

YES - It's good bill for farmers prosperity

YES - Modi ji will never think anything wrong for our country, he's the true son of bharat.itsthe bastard khalistanis and the jihadis who r posing as farmers they all r fake liar farmers.if they were real they wouldn't pig on pizzas and comforts.they should be kicked out from there.????????????????

YES - We support Farmers bill and Modiji.

YES - The provisions in bill not at all against farmers

YES - Its beneficial...

YES - The bill is for welfare & upgradation of farmars.

YES - किसान बिल आवश्यक आहेच, ते नसेल तर मध्यस्थ किसणांना लुटतच राहतील

YES - Goverment has passed right bill for farmers .

YES - I support Modification

YES - Genuine support

YES - It will help Farmers earn good value to their Crop and liberate them from middlemen.

YES - Yes

YES - If farmers were happy before the new bills then why did they commit suicides? And why the growth rate is just 20% in last 70 yrs?

YES - The intention of introducing the bill is to improve the financial condition of the farmers.& to make them prosperous.

YES - Good for farmers

YES - It benifit farmers

YES - This bill Change our farmers Life

YES - If any daught of farmers, Government must clerify...

YES - I do support farmers bill

YES - Thanks to Modi Govt. for taking this historic and revolutionary step for Farmers progress.

YES - Amendment should be change in Bill Protect farmer otherwise no food because mostly farmer want to leave farming

NO - Its leftists, rich middlemen n opposition's protest. Real farners ars working in their fields

YES - YES, I support to this Modi Government.

YES - I'm support modi ji farmer bill

NO - It’s propaganda to destabilise india

YES - Farmers bill 2020 by eliminating the dangerous middlemen, facilitating better realizations for farmers, attracting investment and enhancing technology in the sector. Regards Satish Khilari

YES - Modi Ji will never do anything wrong with any real farmer.

YES - Opposition parties r playing dirty politics on this issue

YES - Good

YES - We Trust Shri Shri Modi Sir

YES - What this government is doing is doing for the betterment of the farmers.Believe in Modi Government.

YES - If MSP is guaranteed and farmers r provided proper Infrastructure (Like Gov. Warehouses to keep their unsold grain n other food stock with A/C facilities and transportation.Plus Big Business Houses should b banned to interfere in the marketing of the produce, than only it will. b successful)

YES - ????

YES - It gives the farmer absolute freedom to sale his produce to anyone & at his price or at the MSP which ever is more frofitable

YES - Farmers cansell their products directly at mandisand get higher returns

YES - Yes. It is advantageous to farmers

YES - किसान का ही भला है...

NO - It is anti farmer bill which supporting corporate.Bill passed hardly in upper house without proper discussion and without taking opinion of farmers unions..Now why gov ready to amend some clauses.after farmer protest that means there are some clauses which are anti farmers.

NO - It will many poor and illiterate people into trouble

YES - Yes government have taking very good steps for farmers prosperity n good future for their children. I salute Modiji n Whole team.

YES - It will be more freedom for farmers to get better price.

YES - I am a farmer and I know what we get in return against our hard work

YES - It will free them from the clutches of middle men

YES - Support farm bills. They are good for farmers.

YES - The New Farm Bills will remove Middlemen who were exploiting farmers.

YES - The farmers stand to gain by avoiding the parasites called middle men and this bill does eliminate the role of the middle men.

YES - It contents the provisions which were sought by all apposition leaders at some point of times in past. Now they are just politising the issue...

YES - Farmer should also prosper.

YES - The bill gives more options to farmers, it’s nothing against them

YES - Will make the farmer independent

YES - Farmers are getting freedom to sell their produce in open market with protection of Minimum support price.

YES - Farm bill is beneficial to the farmers MSP will also remain

YES - Because it is in favour of farers

YES - The protest is not by farmers, it is political and by the middlemen.

YES - Farm bill as introduced by GOI is good and beneficial to small farmers. This protest is political and I strongly denounce the political protest in the name of farmers.

YES - These bills will ultimately be in favour of farmers with requisite amendments in implementation genuinely.