Are you satisfied with the government's steps against coronavirus outbreak?

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YES - Thanks

NO - There was negligence towards migrant Labours

YES - So clinically started, carried on and still dealt with, hope also ends with minimal casualties but while passing through all this an new India will emerge, thanks to all my fellow citizens

NO - When the sick were less then it was so strict, and today when the sick are increasing, then everyone is roaming free.

NO - Government should not allow interstate transfer of labours and persons, they should evacuate dharavi or thickly populated area and make separate arrangements, Testing of corona should be double or triple, strictly policing not done, Essential things not available, so merchant took advantage,

NO - No

YES - Yes as they take steps initially andni am in up so up Govt play good role during this pandemic period

NO - Lockdown should have been earlier. Administrative officers at all levels should have worked out all details before lockdown. Our workers should have been looked after better....

NO - Bad governance

NO - Th government left millions on the streets to die just because they are not upper caste.

NO - No

NO - No to any divise acts

NO - No nrc no caa

YES - Now India is safe recovery rate is increasing and deaths rate is decreasing, that is good

NO - Too early return to school. Could have been made optional. Issues regarding PPE. Preventative measures could have been started early, once outbreak became a pandemic. Public education and better clarity on rules whether related to lockdown or easing lockdown, strict punishment for those not following the rules, because by being selfish putting the frontline workers at risk.

NO - At least government should put at least 3000/- per month in every one's account.

YES - नो use chinese product

YES - I m with Govt

YES - Harsh U.S. Happy

NO - No for State gov. Of Delhi

YES - mumbai needs more attention

YES - All steps taken by our government are Satisfactory

NO - Government decisions made without planning

YES - Lock down should have been continue d for another 2 more months

YES - It still needs to do more tests per day especially in Slum Area . Try to convince migrant Labourers not to leave Big Cities & Govt should setup relief camps in cities. Increase medical facilities like more beds & more Dr.s Should publicize recovery rate improvement & Positive publicity. So workers get more confidence.

YES - Central government us doing very good.

NO - Because government says only 21 days but it 90 days

YES - We should follow the instructions given by govt and doctor

YES - Yes

NO - I dont understand why our government didnt took this covid 19 seriously when it was making a disaster in other countries.. they brought many people in india for other countries and didnt even isolated them..if the have taken precaution before this would not have happend..

NO - Gov steps are taken correctly but tgeir implementation is not taking place correctly

NO - Spot krte agar bat janta or sab ke haq ki hoti to

YES - Modi No More Other than Modi only Modi

NO - No

YES - Very satisfied

YES - Thank you so much.

YES - India has benefited from such a great Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I am proud tobe Indian. Thank you Sir

NO - Cases increasing at a never before rate. Lockdown is virtually lifted by Govt. Shame on this.

YES - CAA yes

NO - No cca

YES - Timely lockdown. People are responsible for not obeying. Now waiting for right time to unlock.

YES - We support nrc and caa

NO - Government ke paas koi plan nahi

NO - because our day here is increasing the marriage of coronavirus every day and people are not taking strict steps on our public and the government is taking strict steps and locked down in the correct sense so that we can escape this coronavirus as soon as possible.

NO - Starvation death is continuing in different Hill Tribe villages and among migrant workers.

YES - We satisfied to step of government against covid 19

YES - Lock down in time by our PM Modiji

NO - Should have expanded testing much more much sooner. Should have given more notice before before lockdown. Should not have been blanket lockdown and for so long. Mismanagement of covid patients at government hospitals ... Unanticipated migrant crisis. It has seemed that the government was more interested in showing off being strong and doling out money to poor to win votes ...than being organised about fighting a disease with least economic damage..

YES - Good work and good decision government.

NO - State government should have sent migrants in 1st week of April by train/road & also should have taken help of army to help police force in controlling idiot crowds at sensitive places.. This should have done in places like Mumbai, Thane & Pune..

NO - Lockdowns management a complete failure

NO - ...i hate indian pm and rss bjp ... they are harmful to indians ???

NO - Government let the poor to suffer in the name of lockdown.....and completely clueless how to flatten the curve....except misleading the public, nothing this government could do...highly uncompetitive government.

YES - Yes

NO - Worst

YES - Government as right as we have to to avoid coronavirus as it is taking lives of many people and also we have to take all our health no other person can come and take care of our health

NO - No

YES - I support CAA

YES - This Govt has been taking steps to contain the Pandemic by regularly taking necessary steps such as lockdown, zone wise containment, creating awareness amongst people, and releasing lockdown in phase manner.

YES - Govt has taken good steps and also prevent ive measures to defete the corona

NO - Govt didn’t make proper arrangements for the migrant laborers before the announcement of lockdown

YES - Ye

NO - Lack of proper planning

YES - Ha hm santust he

NO - Worst governance, worst government in the 70 years

NO - Sanetization is important every where outside like Atm every person has to sanatise his hand before doing anything this should be compulsory for everyone

NO - No at all

YES - Modigi super

YES - BJP govnt is right

NO - Late

YES - B j p

YES - Thablic is worst thing

YES - Timely actions were taken

NO - No

NO - Migrants should hv given time before lockdown started , when the virus carriers might be less, to migrate with the help of shramik trains. Other lockdown could havecontinued as it is from 20 th of March.

YES - Let the decision regarding steps to prevent corona taken by team of Doctors and not the non medical officers or politician.

NO - Jb lockdown naii krna tha tb Kiya naii aur ab sb khuch open ho raha h

YES - Yes

NO - 1) Government didn't take any step in Feb 2020 why?!. 2) Modi ji on his address told had we not taken measure covid cases would have crossed 8 L on Apr 15th but on the said less than 3L testing has been done. 3) Anyone no one will read this else can give number of points.....Most important thing is i am a Modi supporter but not blind....

NO - The situation can't get this worst if 5-6 days was given before lockdown.

NO - No

YES - Yes I’m satisfied

NO - No

YES - Indian government in the great pm,,mr,modi ji .

YES - But I am not satisfied with the way the lockdown given, in my view minimum 10 days time should have given to the people to move to their native states if they want. And the announcement should have given on 15/03/2020 for lockdown from 25/03/20. This is my view only..

YES - Done best with limited resources. But public seems to have not fully cooperated.

YES - Decision on lockdown was appropriate and timely. Night curfew should continue for some more time

NO - Lockdown not planned. No forewarning. No thought for the workforce and the poor and the underprivileged. Not enough testing.

YES - Best the govt can do

NO - When cases are less there is full lockdown. When cases increasing exponentially, lockdown is relaxed. What a shameful decision.

YES - No compsrison of this selfless person not only in India but in the World. We pray to almighty for his good health and long life


NO - They were too busy buying and selling MLAs in MP, delayed lock down measures, suddenly implemented lockdown that killed migrants and also livelihood of many and finally blamed it all on Tablighi Jamaat to deceive the people

NO - Ls give siddha and indian medicine it will be cure quickly thanks

YES - India govt doing we’ll against covid 19

YES - Good decision Modi saheb

YES - Dun a good work

NO - The first lockdown could have been delayed till 1st April enabling the people to reach home states. The first lockdown then should have been used to set up proper quarantine facility, screening, scanning and finally hospitalization. From 10th February all inbound flights should have stopped. By second lockdown

YES - It is absolutely necessary

NO - When cases are peaking lockdown is being lifted